A Magical Experience

A Magical Experience

Each year, when the strawberries ripen, something magical happens. They transform from tough white knots into richly red fruits, from tiny spheres into oblongs that seem to invite us to linger in every moment spent tasting them. As they become ready for harvest, they symbolize another kind of transition: out of the winter and into the rich promise of the growing season.

Strawberries aren't native to Utah. They're not the easiest plants to grow in our climate - they prefer wetter, more temperate weather. But they're tough. They persevere. My family has grown strawberries on this land since I was young, and eating them takes me back to those early juice-stained days, fingers sticky and heart soaring.

We want to share that feeling. It's why, each spring, we invite small groups to join us for the Strawberry Picking Experience. In this experience, each person picks half a pint of strawberries to take home and savor. More importantly, though, each person has the chance to immerse themselves in the story of strawberries. Led by a guide, you'll hear the narrative of these hardy little plants, and taste their fruit in a mindful, transformational way. You'll reflect on how the first sweet fruits bring with them so many memories, and so many hopes for the future. And together, we'll think about the cycles of the seasons, returning as always to a place at once old as time and new as each individual berry.

Spots in the Strawberry Experience are limited so we can make the experience truly magical for each person who attends. Learn more and sign up on our website.

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