An Immersive Experience at Farm Camp

An Immersive Experience at Farm Camp

Let them come, this is their time.

We are born speaking a language that we share with every other living thing. We live in its seasonal, cosmic rhythms, as a branching arm of its system. Then, somewhere along the line, many of us lose touch with our broader place in the world. We live in bubbles where we don’t get muddy, where we don’t feel the wind in our hair, where we don’t touch anything that grew wild from the ground.

Farm camp changes all of that.

For a week, children plunge back into everything that is messy and vital about the world. They learn about the farm not only from counselors, but from the land itself. This isn’t just a camp on a farm. It’s a full-body, full-child adventure. This year, they’ll re-discover that first, wild language. They’ll develop confidence, understanding, and a sense of themselves as components of the vast, beautiful constellation of life.

With a comprehensive, experience-based curriculum and special guests we're inviting to the farm, children develop a much deeper earth sense and understanding of animals. They are more than guests of the farm; they're integral parts of the life we cultivate here. They make lasting contributions to the farm and to their own appreciation of the land.

And of course, the greatest part is that these new perspectives don’t stop at the driveway. Farm camp becomes ingrained in the way young people understand and think about the world. Children arrive as they are. They leave as who they can be.

Don't miss your chance to sign your child up for the unique, life-changing possibility of a week on the farm. Visit our website now to claim their space in this favorite summer experience and to put your child back in touch with the wide, wild world.

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