An Update to our Market Hours

An Update to our Market Hours

Without thinking about it, you breathe. You’re breathing as you read this email. You probably weren’t aware of it until we called it to your attention, but now you notice. You might take a few deep cycles in and out. In a moment, it will become automatic again.

The land breathes, too: big, dragging inhales; long sighs out.

Sometimes, it’s automatic. But other times, we need the reminder to stop, to pay attention. For a long time, the farm has been breathing out. We’ve taken in new ideas, invited new community connections. We expanded our reach and our circle of patrons, welcoming everyone who wants to experience life in its purest forms.

Now, we have a chance to inhale. Starting Monday, January 20, we will be keeping focused hours at the market: Mondays and Saturdays, 9 AM - 6 PM. With the rest of our time, we’re honing our vision of the farm, putting the capacity and intensity of our work into other aspects of the land. As we contract our focus on the market, we’re expanding our focus on creating deep, meaningful experiences for the people who visit. As our relationship to the land has changed, so too has our understanding of what it means to be holding this space.

For you, with the heart open to the great wilds. For you, with a fierce flame of spirit.

We can’t wait to share the next chapter of our farm with you, the next big breath in.

Your Farmer-