Bring a wild tree home this Christmas

Bring a wild tree home this Christmas

This Christmas, bring home a little Utah wilderness. Once again this year, we’re stocking our tree farm with wild-grown alpine trees. They’ve weathered wind and rain, snow and baking summers, growing sturdy and fierce. Each one is unique - a piece of the natural world that will awaken in your home. And because our trees are harvested as part of fire prevention efforts, even in being cut they’re ensuring the future of the forests.

Our trees come alive indoors, unfolding from their hibernation in a bloom of color and scent. They speak their histories through their branches and gentle movement. We witness our trees, and they witness us right back. Together, we celebrate the longest nights and the brightest hopes.

Join us this Saturday, November 23 starting at 9 am to browse the limited number of trees. You’ll need to wander the selection for a little while, feeling the call of the mountains. Then, you’ll find it: the one that looks right back at you. The tree that’s calling your name.

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