Each spring, the farm slowly transforms, first from bare soil to a cover crop, then to the soil with the cover crop tilled back under, then to orderly rows sown with what we'll grow for our Simple Share and Summer Share. It seems, every year, like it might never get done. But somehow, every year, it does. We turn over the soil and smell the rich earth underneath; we get seeds in the ground; they grow.

In past years, we've reserved the part of the farm people drive past for pumpkins. But this year, we're experimenting with planting most of our vegetable crops there. When you visit, there's nothing like stopping outside the market, perhaps pausing in the gourd tunnel or visiting a goat or two, and then being able to look across the possibility of what a farm can be. You might see plants you recognize. You might learn something about your food you didn't know before. You might even see something that piques your curiosity. That's the magic we bring to Farm Camp, and to events and gatherings. But you don't have to wait for a special event. Any moment can be special. The way the light hits the mountains is special. The way the earth feels under your feet is special. The air and the wind and the unique way you stand in them at any given time is special. All that possibility is here.

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