Conjuring Celebration

Conjuring Celebration

Reverence. Resonance. Alignment.

Pure. Primal. Radiant Rawness.

This is the essence of Pumpkin Patch season!

The colors scattered throughout the land and market are representations of this seasonal sigh that we're all feeling here at the farm - the brilliant oranges, the lustrous reds, the deep greens, the bright whites, all contrasting against a landscape that is giving us her final, resplendent send-off until the true cold comes. Join us, as we usher in this season of both finality and innovation; of both harvesting and personal seeding for the darker months. Of dreaming of what was, what could be, and what's possible when we allow ourselves to create the space - within, and without - to truly see, feel, and root down into this foundational pulse of connection.

At 9:00 AM today, we'll be opening our doors to you and yours, offering the best of the land, the best of ourselves, and the best in festivities and celebration that we can conjure. All of your favorites will be there for the taking, including the patch, apple slingshot, wagon farm tours, old-fashioned pumpkin crank, and above all, smiles and radiance to match your own.

And while you're here, we invite you to ask us about the Perpetual Preservation of our Land.

The land here has been cared for by our family for generations. Over the last decade, however, things have changed - hands have changed. A new generation of inspired creators and cultivators have invited others to visit and receive their part in inheriting the privilege of becoming part of this farm - of becoming people of the land. Within this new paradigm, the farm has become a space, a doorway, a portal to a sense of fullness with life; spiritually, intellectually, and physically. We have made it our work to focus not on growing and selling commodities on the broad market, but on cultivating the hidden, intangible value within the land; within all of its magic, bounty, inspiration, and intention.

After leasing the land for the past decade, this generation of stewards has now been presented with the opportunity to purchase the farm, with the intent of perserving the public access - a front seat to the purist, wildest and most intimate form of life as it plays out in the seasons upon the land.

This opportunity opens the doorway to become an expansive fixture in this community, allowing us to grow into all that we've envisioned. It's a homecoming, as if we're finally being called to the dinner table to sit, hand in hand, heart to land. But this table is different, because it includes each and every one of you.

When you visit, you will find ways to be a part of this financial investment to preserve this land, and keep this farm open to the community for generations to come.

There are so many things to celebrate this year. We can't wait to see you, to connect, and to engage in this new story that is shining its emerging light across our fields, our doors, and our hearts.