Discover Summer

Discover Summer

When children have space, something magical happens. They set down the rules that constrain them in the outside world, and pick up an older set of rules. It's a set that they know instinctively, without having to learn. They're born with that understanding: of how nature guides us, shapes us, encourages us and limits us. How we can enter into a dialog with the world we inhabit, in which it is as strong and powerful and vital an actor as we could ever imagine.

Summer Camp opens the door. Children step through it.

We aren't here to teach. We're here to invite. The land and animals here offer so much to us, and we in turn offer those lessons to the children who join us each summer. Your child will come out having encountered a new way of seeing - and having reconnected with the possibility of the world.

If you're looking for opportunities for yourself, or your older children, The Language of the Horse might be just what you're looking for. A chance to connect with these amazing animals on a deeper level and learn more about how their instincts can teach us about ourselves.

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Jen and Luke