Doorway of possibility

Doorway of possibility

There's an unspoken language here, one that's communicated through glances, body language, and affection. The animals here are special in so many ways, all serving different functions and providing their own personal forms of service and sustenance.

One very special animal that we adore working with is our goats. An incredibly dynamic animal, each boasting their own personality, goats have much to teach us about the land, about communication, about focus, presence, and care.

Beginning January 19th, we are offering the opportunity to join us for Four Weeks in the Life of a Goat. For one day each week, you will be paired with a goat that will become your guide, leading you into the heart of the land, of the herd, and if you're open to it, yourself.

This isn't as much an educational program about goats as it is an opportunity to connect and align in a wholly new way. There are so many doorways of possibility to discover and explore - we hope you'll join us for this one.


Jen & Dill