Embracing openness, embracing freedom

Embracing openness, embracing freedom

With the beginning of our winter season, we’ve shifted into a new way of being. In August and September, it’s easy to define what the farm is and what we do. Those months provide an abundance of tangible products: what we harvest and bring in from the fields. The farm market fills with cucumbers and tomatoes, carrots and beans, peppers and summer squash.

Then, for a month, everything is pumpkins. We celebrate the harvest and the fall by bringing in the squash that have spent all season growing into their final form.

Now, the tangible aspects of the farm have receded. The fields are quiet. The abundance isn’t as obvious.

But it’s still there. It’s just waiting for you to recognize it.

This winter abundance is in things we can’t measure or count, grow or sell. We can’t weigh energy, or bag connection, or box up beauty. They aren’t even really ours to interpret. They’re what we feel when we come to the land open to what it offers. The life that flows into and through us when we come here has no season. It simply is. When we approach it the way we’d approach a new child - with an open heart, with no expectations - it fills us up. We can’t hold this feeling in our hands, but we can hold it in our deepest selves: the places that only the land can truly reach.

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