Find and move with the rhythms of life

Find and move with the rhythms of life

Stand in a field, the sun high above you. Let your mind set down whatever it brought with it and pick up an older, instinctive way of being in space. What’s around you? The smell of frost. The warmth on the crown of your head. The shh of leaves, brittle with cold.

The only constant here is movement.

Even when we are still, we are moving: our hearts pump, our lungs fill, our muscles contract and relax. The world moves like this too. On the most hushed, expectant day, an ant scuttles away home. A bird takes off. The air slides down from the mountains. Only dead places are still, and the farm lives. The farm is life.

When you sit on one of the swings we’ve placed around the farm, you move with life. When you climb aboard a wagon ride to explore the farthest reaches of the farm, you let movement guide your discovery. When you crouch closer to the earth, the weight of gravity holding you snug, you move in its cosmic dance. Be part of it, here. In this season that reminds us of how tenuous everything is, and how much we lean on one another. In a space that is never still.

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