Going Deep

Going Deep

Have you ever gone into a space where you were truly immersed in nature? Whether it's a moment when you take a turn on a trail and realize you're alone in the woods, or a minute spent watching the slow path of a caterpillar, you felt something. You recognized something. You looked at the world, and the world looked back.

At Farm Camp this summer, curious children dive into the stunning web of relationships on the farm. They look at the world, and the world looks back.

But immersion isn't about just looking. It's about feeling so completely part of a place that its very existence becomes a part of you, held deep in your spirit and written in your understanding. While we invite children to observe, we invite them to do it with all their sense. And we invite them to do much more than receive information. We guide them into deep, meaningful experiences that tie their time on the farm to the bigger cycles and ongoing work of the world all around them.

Farm Camp is a learning experience - children will come out of it knowing more than they did going in. It also, however, works as an attuning experience. Afterwards, they see differently; they carry themselves differently; they understand differently.

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