Invite the wild in

Invite the wild in

Comfort and convenience. More and more we are separating ourselves from the work of everyday living. We live in suburbs where the grasses are manicured, the driveways are dust-free, and our groceries are delivered to us, next-day, free-shipping. We're so accustomed to the demands of convenience that we don't even realize it.

We're not saying it's wrong. We benefit from these conveniences too, but the expectation is problematic. The land doesn't operate that way. We aren’t meant to live in cubicles, where everything from the humidity to the air flow is tightly controlled. In the morning, the weather is cold, but it heats up into the afternoon. The air moves unpredictably, gusting one day and calm the next. Clouds cover and uncover the sun. On the land, the constant is change.

It’s uncomfortable. The thing is, discomfort allows for learning, growth, and innovation. Discomfort is a natural state when we’re engaged with problems and the world. We don't need to seek it, necessarily, but isolating ourselves from it stifles some innate human abilities: to adapt, to overcome.

We don’t control everything on the land, and sometimes it gets messy. Discomfort happens here. Life happens here.

We're intentionally peeling back the layers. Bringing the outside in. We pulled up the carpet in the house and painted our floors black. Jen fought tooth and nail to leave her office as wild as possible - refusing the baseboards and built in step. We created a fixture from a tumbleweed that we found. We partnered with Jenevieve of Wild Flora to create a decoration from our Silver Maple trimmings. We're inviting the wild into our everyday. Allowing our innate senses to be reawakened.

We're using this land, this home, this business, as an example. We're creating animal programs so you can interact face-to-face. We invited Wild Flora to teach the community how to forage and create arrangements. We're creating a home in the Market. Land Experiences, which include what used to be Strawberry Picking Experiences, will offer opportunities to learn in the dirt and Summer on the Farm will create that experience for your kids.

There's a lot of space here. A lot of opportunity. We hope you see it, too.

As an example of what we're doing here, watch our video in partnership with Wild Flora:



- -Jen and Luke