It’s harvest season - Find it all at the market

It’s harvest season - Find it all at the market

Months ago, we took little seeds and sowed them in the ground. We watched and waited. We worried over them, anxious that the cold wet spring would prevent them from growing. We kept a wary eye on the weather reports.

Despite everything, they grew. And now, a few months later, they’re starting to give back the fruits we bring to the table.

Now and in the coming weeks, the market showcases the absolute best of what Utah fields can offer. We’re bringing in the sweetest corn, the most flavorful tomatoes, the crispest cucumbers. We’re knocking on watermelons, waiting for that nice crisp thunk, and harvesting those too. Hot and sweet peppers, zucchini and summer squash, radishes, beets, beans - you name it, it’s probably on our shelves.

There’s no better time to eat local than right now, and no better place to do it than on the farm. Come for a visit, and discover what’s growing practically right in your own backyard.

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