Keep Eating Fresh and Local

Keep Eating Fresh and Local

As the first rays of sun crest the mountains and the day begins, we begin too. On Mondays and Saturdays, we open the market. Fresh air rushes through the front doors into the warm, wood-paneled interior. We take a deep breath. This is what we come back to, again and again: even in the most complex and trying times, this is home. This is our place.

This is your place, too.

We continue to open the market twice a week so you can access fresh veggies, artisan meats, bread, preserved goods, and more. It’s not a fast-paced shopping experience, rushing you in and out as quickly as possible. Instead, you have time to pause, to linger. Uncrowded, you have time to decide, and to bring home nourishing fresh food to your family.

If you aren’t yet a Simple Share member, now is the perfect time to sign up for this weekly farm basket. Each week, you’ll pick up a half bushel full of vegetables, fruits, and other agriculturally based products like eggs, multi-grain bread, cheese, honey, fresh flowers and other carefully curated small-batch products. We carefully grow or select everything we include in the Simple Share to showcase the best of the farm and of other small businesses we’re happy to partner with.

When you shop at the market or subscribe to Simple Share, you’re part of a network of small, local businesses that are the heart of our community. You’re making this space possible. Together, we’re stronger.

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