Learn at the Farm

Learn at the Farm

Every year, we invite our community to experience the farm. Whether it's visiting the animals or browsing the farm market, taking a deep breath at the end of the lane or picking up your Simple Share, the ways you engage sustain a deep connection with the space. This spring, we're looking forward to more structured ways to welcome you.

On March 14, join us for a Muscari Workshop for Spring Blooms. Led by Wasatch Blooms, this workshop will invite spring into your home through colorful indoor muscari planters. You'll learn the basics of indoor bulb forcing, and plant your own centerpiece. Then, you'll take it home to serve as a marker of spring. Best of all, the muscari bulbs can be planted outside for more blooms in the years to come.

Then, on March 26 and April 16, see through the eyes of a feng shui practitioner as you experience our indoor and outdoor feng shui workshops. You might think of feng shui as an aesthetic, but its true purpose is to bring internal and external worlds into alignment. You'll see the possibilities in Feng Shui for Indoor Form and Flow, as Tina Falk introduces the principles of feng shui practice. She'll explore the symbolic energy of the compass directions. Then, she'll guide you through an exploration of the farm market, illustrating how feng shui practitioners see space. Learn how to manifest your intention in more natural spaces at Feng Shui for Outdoor Form and Flow. Tina will walk the farm with a small group, pointing out the way elements interact and invite connection.

No matter how to choose to join us, we welcome you - and spring!

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