Magic at the Pumpkin Patch

Magic at the Pumpkin Patch

Do you know what's special about the Petersen Family Farm pumpkins? They bring a little sprinkle of magic with them every year. They've spent all summer waiting for their big moment, and now they're finally ready to meet you. When you come to the farm, you can sense the anticipation.

The most special of our pumpkins is The Great Pumpkin. Big and mysterious, these pumpkins have unique shapes, big ribs, and long, hand-cut stems. We carefully grow each one knowing that matching it with its new home is a process. You don’t choose the rare Great Pumpkin, so much as it chooses you. It's on the lookout for just the person it wants to find this season, and it's unique enough that you'll almost feel compelled to give it a name. You'll know when you discover yours.

Our Jack-o-lanterns, meanwhile, are exactly what you’ve always imagined when you’ve thought of a pumpkin: orange, smooth, and perfect for carving. They're the canvas for fun and spooky October designs. Finally, we’ve grown decorative squash in a rainbow of colors and textures, aptly naming them Kaleidoscope. They're known not only for their color but also for their range and history, with origins in Argentina, South Africa, and Uruguay

In the mood for more than pumpkins? At the farm, you can wrap fall around your shoulders like a favorite cozy blanket. Join us for hand-led pony rides on October 5, 1-5 pm, or snuggle in for an outdoor movie night on October 12 at 8 pm. We’ll be showing The Biggest Little Farm, a movie you’ll love just as much as we do. And of course, all through the patch, make treasured memories. Enjoy the classic slides, old-fashioned popcorn harvester, apple slingshot, corn pit, and more activities for kids and families.

This year, in the spirit of openness and accessibility for our very dear community, admission to the Pumpkin Patch is free. So come in and wander. Soak in the fall. When you’re ready, find what speaks to you. Your pumpkin is here, waiting. So is your first taste of autumn. All you have to do is open yourself to the experience.

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