Magical Events at the Farm

Magical Events at the Farm

You might have imagined it before: gathering with a small, intimate group of friends and family to celebrate a wedding. To mark a milestone. To eat a meal together, sharing love and conversation and sparkling curiosity.

Over the years, we've received many requests to host these kinds of events on the farm. This year, we're inviting a select group to make use of our  in creating and upholding community.

Clean, fresh, and beautifully simple, the greenhouse provides the perfect backdrop for quiet gatherings that value a connection to nature. We shelter you from the elements, but the season still determines the mood. You're indoors, but still part of the world. That boundary, that interface, is where the magic happens.

If you have an event you think would be well-suited to the greenhouse - an elopement, a business alignment, a retirement celebration, a casual farm-to-table dinner - we welcome you to . Greenhouse rentals are available Thursday, Friday, Saturday night, and Sunday. They include water, electricity, access to sinks and a staging area, parking, and exclusive access to the space. They also include a coordinator from the farm to help with planning and anything that comes up during the event.

To discuss whether your event is a good fit for the space and see the available dates, please get in touch with Kimberly at We're so excited to open this new space for all of you who want to experience firsthand the wonder of life on the farm.