Messages of the Animals

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Messages of the Animals

When you come to the farm, you might come with a purpose in mind. You might be seeking out some popcorn, or some fresh hoop house veggies, or picking up a Farm Share.

Or you might not come with a specific purpose. That's fine, too. Maybe your purpose is just to find yourself in a different environment, where you can have new experiences. Where you can stretch your legs a little, and let your senses soar.

The next time you come to the farm, I invite you to visit the animals. They have something to share with us, something that might get lost if we don't listen very closely. They are, of course, each members of their own unique species. A goat is not the same as an emu, or a chicken, or a turkey, or a rabbit. They don't all have the same concerns. But even more than that: they're not just species, but individuals. They each have their own preferences and personalities.

One of the goats is the matriarch. She gets to eat first. Can you tell who she is?

One of the chickens is freer than the others, roaming far from the coop. Can you pick him out?

One of the emus warms the eggs, while the other stands guard. What do you notice about their attention?

We invite you to observe. Not just look, but really examine: notice patterns, recognize behaviors. Sit on a bench and have a conversation without words, devoting the same kind of attention you would to learning about a new friend. Come back and ask what they've learned, and observe how they've changed.

Everything in nature is speaking, all the time. Our job is to tune in, and listen.

Your Farmer-