New Ideas on the Farm

New Ideas on the Farm

The second before midnight always seems longer than the others. It isn’t. It’s regulated by the earth, spinning in its cosmic dance, flinging itself around the sun. But even though we might measure time in ways that are much bigger than us, time itself is a human concept. You know that. You’ve felt it. A night spent rocking a newborn stretches on forever. A day of celebration flashes by in an instant.

So, that last second.

It stretches out like melted glass, into the finest of filaments. Inside it swirl all the things we wish we’d done, all the things we hoped and received. All the plans we made, all the moments we shared with people we loved. It’s all there, and then it’s a new year, and time to make those things over. Of course it’s arbitrary. But it feels real, and feeling real is the point. It’s a chance to make the changes we wish we’d made, or a chance to keep doing the things we’ve committed to. We can create new places for ourselves, and embrace new ideas.

We’re doing that on the farm, this year. We’re taking a long look at what’s worked and what hasn’t, what we want to preserve and what new things we want to offer. We’re diving deep into the aspects of this work that feed our community and allow it to thrive. There’s a new year ahead. It’s going to bring great things.

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