New Space, New Energy

New Space, New Energy

As development springs up all around us, we feel more and more the necessity of keeping open spaces. Spaces where we can breathe, and stretch, and be. These places that we hold for our community have a natural form, a natural flow. But they’re not untouched nature - after all, we farm them every season, send people through them, follow the deer that form little trails up and down the gully. We straddle a careful balance between keeping the space wild, or available to the wild, and making it accessible for those of you who are seeking out place with different rules. Where the rules are dictated by nature, by the sky and the land. Where you might feel the flow in a new way.

That’s why we’re so excited to have Tina Falk at the farm to lead a pair of feng shui workshops. Her deep experience with the energy of space and directions will open you to the possibilities of bringing our internal and external worlds into alignment. Her first class is Indoor Feng Shui for Form & Flow: How Our Homes Manifest Our Intentions. In that course, she’ll guide you through the way a feng shui practitioner understands space. You’ll learn the basics of how indoor spaces flow as she guides you on a tour through the market. You’ll leave with a new understanding of how space and intention shape one another.

Then, expand your horizons at Feng Shui for Outdoor Form and Flow: How Our Homes Manifest Connection. With Tina, you’ll walk the farm, exploring how nature, usage, and practicality combine in a space designed to encourage community. She’ll point out the way the energy of the land flows, and how we tap into that energy.

Both of these classes are designed to help us understand the way our intention and homes can come into harmony, and to give us a broader grasp of the flow of space. You’ll refresh your perspective and find a new way to see. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the possibility of spring.

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