Put the Pieces Together

Put the Pieces Together

Last night, I had a dream. It wasn't anything particularly complicated. In it, I was just fitting pieces of irrigation pipe together.

Today, I can’t help but think the message there is to simply put the pieces together. There is so much going on, always, on the physical level. We feel overwhelmed by the challenges of the complicated, ungrounded, heady way we are encouraged to control our lives. The man-made world is often the only pattern we are exposed to these days.

But what if we stepped back? What if we just put the pieces together? One at a time, wherever they fit.

In reality we lack nothing, in the fullness of nature we have everything we need. The earth, for me, has always been a place of grounding, and not more and more desire. The other day, when I visited a store, I kept thinking about how someone had planned how to entice me to use my power and my resources to buy things that would give me pleasure. That's a part of our world that tries to make our lives easier, but often makes them more complicated instead.

The natural doesn’t do that. It’s not flashy; it’s subtle. Its true magic and value is always half obscured, waiting to be seen on a deeper level and not over-explaining itself.

I'm not trying to make you think or see in a certain way. This isn't intended to be complicated; to me it feels elegantly simple and not by my design. What I can do is narrate life as I experience it here. And then, when you visit, I can let you fill in the gaps with your own magic.

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