Setting down our fears

Setting down our fears

We all, deep down, have a fear of missing something. A fear of losing an opportunity, or letting the perfect chance pass us by. We worry about whether we've made the right choices, and second-guess even the ones that bring us happiness. It's natural, in many ways, to wonder. We are fortunate to live in a world that offers us many opportunities. In this kind of world, though, we can become paralyzed by choice, by the endless waves of movement and change.

Every choice we make is a hundred choices - a thousand choices - not-made. And so much of the society built around us leads us to fear the road not taken. What if something better lay down that path?

Part of what the farm offers is a buffer to that. Here, we can step off the road entirely. There's no fear of missing out because there's nothing to miss. What you perceive and how you perceive it is the experience. What you take away from the land is what you were meant to. No wrong choice or bad choice or even difficult choice waits for you. You're just a part of a bigger rhythm, a movement beyond yourself.

That's why I love it. That's why I love sharing it. Every time, I get to watch someone set down the load they're carrying and embrace the wild.

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