The Freshest Summer Produce

The Freshest Summer Produce

We know that for many of you, eating local is a priority. You want produce that's picked when it's ripe, moved as few times and as short a distance as possible. You want to play a powerful and meaningful part in sustaining your community. And you want to feel connected to the land throughout each meal.

Just for you, we're debuting our first Summer Share this year. This share joins our just-the-basics Essential Share and more hands-on year-round Simple Share. However, instead of offering it all year and including small-batch goods, we're keeping the Summer Share packed with the best fruits and veggies of our prime harvest season.

From July 15 to October 14, come visit the farm once per week to receive a basket full of fresh-picked produce. We’ll showcase the best of the harvest, carefully selecting each item when it’s at its peak. You can expect classic veggies like peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes alongside delicious specialty produce that we grow just for our members. Each week, you'll get a different selection alongside tips and tricks for making the most of your share. And you'll know you're eating food farmed with an eye towards sustainability, right here in your community.

Shares are limited, so visit our website to learn more and sign up!

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