The Sun's Return

The Sun's Return

As we round the last corner to Christmas, we are reminded that, along with celebrating the season, we are also celebrating the return of light. Monday marks the Winter Solstice, a day of equal sun and equal dark. Here, in this stillness, we observe the balance we hold - the balance we create - as the light once again takes the wheel, growing stronger with each passing moment.

It is also here that we are being gifted the opportunity to witness a phenomenon - a miracle - that hasn't happened in nearly 800 years. On the night of the Solstice, Jupiter and Saturn will form a Great Conjunction, coming together in the sky to form the Christmas Star. Such a beautiful symbol of unity, light, hope and rebirth, this conjunction heralds in a new era, one that requires all of us; all of our hearts, unified, working towards a brighter, lighter future.

What better time to gather our loved ones close and remember all that's come to pass, while setting intentions and sharing dreams for the illuminated days ahead. We exchange tokens of love and appreciation, expressing that which mere words cannot. We break bread, acknowledging the abundance and sustenance surrounding us, in all forms.

There is still time to find those perfect tokens of appreciation and stocking stuffers at the Holiday Market, as well as choosing one final tree to trim. We are wrapped within the heart of the season, a liminal space in which we are free to envision a new way forward. That's the true meaning of the holidays - a still-point of celebration, reverence and joy, fueling us for our new, reinvigorated journey forward. Together.

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