The Work of a Chorus

The Work of a Chorus

How are you connected to the farm? Plenty of the people who follow us on social media, or who subscribe to this mailing list, aren’t local to Utah. But something about the farm connected, or something about our narrative struck a chord. Even though this isn’t where you live with your body, it can still be where you live with your mind, your heart, your soul.

When people do come to the farm - or, for that matter, when they respond online - a lot of what they say focuses on what they can see. That makes sense; our sense of sight is our strongest, most vibrant one. It’s the first one we rely on to keep us safe and grounded. Losing it on a dark night makes our heartbeats pick up, makes us breathe a little faster. People connect to what they see, and what that suggests about how a space came to be.

But the reason you see what you see isn’t because of some organic process that magically came into being. It’s the work of a chorus. It’s multisensory, not grounded in one time or space. Many hands and minds made the farm you see. Among those, though you may not recognize it, were yours.

When you engage - really, truly engage - with a story, sharing your own ideas and narrative, you become a part of it. You deepen our work and expand our perspective. You don’t just see, passively, from a distance. You touch, and dig in, your hands grasping at the possibility you recognize. You grow.

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