What We Need

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What We Need

We spend much of our lives focused on meeting primal, human needs. We have a need for food. For shelter. For love, and communication, and orientation, and movement. We're always seeking these things. How aware we are of that seeking varies from day to day, hour to hour. But no matter what, we seek out ways to meet our needs. We do that as children, and as adults, and everywhere in between.

We can think of this as a drawback to being human: that we spend so much time meeting our needs! That we expend so much energy keeping ourselves clothed and fed and sheltered! But in reality, it's a great advantage. Because underneath everything that we need is a tremendously powerful trait: adaptability.

We adapt to our environments, no matter what those environments are. We take our situation and we learn how to make art, how to connect, how to change.

It becomes much easier when we take our cues from the land.

Let the world guide you. Let a sunny day beckon you outdoors. Let the movement of a bird dictate the direction of your walk. Let the texture of grass underfoot, or the pattern of opening leaves, inspire you. Because that's a need, too: to perceive. To be one with the world. To let our senses explore what surrounds us, and to breathe it in.

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