April 2019, Week 3

April 2019, Week 3

When we were young, our parents hid eggs for us to find, enjoying the laughter and scramble as we combed through every inch of the farm’s nooks and crannies. We’re carrying on that fondly remembered tradition. Each year, we hide eggs all through the central area of the farm for children to explore and find. We'll have a few food trucks, a local musician, and new Spring refresh for the Market. For more information, please visit our website. We can’t wait to see you at the Easter Egg Hunt!

This week in your Simple Share...

Tatsoi - one bunch

Stir Fried Tatsoi

Baby Beet Greens - one bag

How Cook Beet Greens

Broccoli Rabe - one bag

Also known as rapini, broccoli rabe is not just the scraggly outcroppings of a broccoli plant or baby broccoli, like you might think. In fact, the leafy, cruciferous vegetable is closely related to the turnip. The deliciously bitter stems, leaves and nutty, broccoli-esque buds are all edible and commonly used in Italian cooking. Don’t be daunted by the vegetable’s wild and unruly appearance. It’s great simply blanched and sautéed in olive oil, roasted until crisp or even pureed into a piquant pesto.

Lettuce- one bag

There are hundreds of different varieties of lettuce, and on our farm we grow four different kinds: Looseleaf, Romaine, Crisphead, and Butterhead. We will chan g e our four varieties depending on the time of year and the climate.

Cilantro - one bunch

Cilantro Lime Rice

Kale - one bunch

Sauteed Kale

Carrots - 2 lb

Parmesan Roasted Carrots

Petersen Farm Peaches - one jar

Our History

Easter eggs - one dozen
We are so excited about our annual Easter Egg Hunt coming up on April 20. Please come, and as a Simple Share member, we'd like to offer one dozen eggs especially for you and your loved ones to hunt down.