December 2020, Week 2

December 2020, Week 2

 The farm is a doorway to freedom - freedom to roam, to breathe, to exist. To discover the details that a slower pace reveals. This is the gift of openness. Of space. Of new sights, sounds, pathways and perspectives. As you make your way from the greenhouse to our Holiday Market and back to your warm homes, we hope you can take that new perspective with you.

Our fresh cut Christmas trees are available now through the end of December, and we are honored to be able to offer these stunning natural icons to our community. Check them out when you come to pick up your share this week, and see if you find the tree for you!

This week in your Simple Share...

Join us at your selected time to explore the greenhouse with our farmer.  This week we will be harvesting Winterbore Kale! 

Spaghetti Squash - 1 ct

Cooking Spaghetti Squash

Fingerling Potatoes - 3 lbs

Granny Smith Apples - 4 ct

Yellow Onions - 2 ct

Radishes - 1 bunch 

Roasting Radishes

Asparagus - 1 lb 

Pork Breakfast Sausage 

Cracked Pepper and Chive Cheese

Our Cheese Partner

We look forward to seeing you on the farm!

- The Simple Share Team 

Share items subject to change based on availability.