May 2019, Week 5

May 2019, Week 5

Did you miss out on our Holiday Wreath Workshop last year? You don't have to this year! We want to make sure you have an opportunity to make beautiful memories on the farm so we are opening it early. Kyler and Brittany McPherson of Local Roots Flower Farm will lead you through the process of turning a simple round base into a unique work of art that will hang on your door throughout the holiday season. They’ll share tips for wreath composition, tools of the trade, and ideas for sourcing your wreath materials. Then, they’ll provide everything you need - including instruction - to create a wreath on-site. Your holiday wreath will hang on your door to greet visitors with the scent of pine and eucalyptus, cheering you up for weeks to come.⠀

This workshop sells out every year, so please visit our website to check availability. To claim your opportunity of 20% off educational workshops, make sure you ask one of the Market team about your Simple Share discount code.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

In an effort to always make things more simple, we are transitioning our weekly email to a weekly blog post on our website so that it is easier for you to find past recipes and information. We will continue to send the weekly email for the next few weeks in order to help you get used to this change. Jump on over to our website and reminisce on all the amazing produce and small-batch goods that you've already received this year.

This week in your Simple Share...

Green onions - one bunch

Green Onion and Cheddar Biscuits

Spinach - one bag

Pasta With Spinach and Tomatoes

Tomatoes - 2 lbs

Castle Valley Farms

Miners Lettuce - one bag

Here in the market, we have differing opinions on the best way to use it. Mallory, our Farm Market Manager, uses it as the base of her salads, while Kristi, who does our ordering, likes to mix it in with her herb salads. Shantel, our Simple Share Coordinator, likes it as a garnish on her favorite food: tacos.

Kale - one bunch

Five Ways to Eat Kale

Garlic chives - one bunch

Garlic Chive Butter

Strawberry - one cup
If you've never tasted a strawberry straight from the vine, you have an incredible experience waiting for you. Picked at the height of ripeness, they're sweet, layered, and juicy. This season, make new memories with your family at our

Strawberry Picking Experience.

Pears - 3 lbs
Dehydrated pears


The Pickle People

French Picnic salt

Sprinkle it over eggs, avocados, meat, and anything and everything else.

We'll see you next week!

-The Simple Share Team