We know that there is wisdom in tradition, but we also know that where tradition creates a wall, a new perspective can carve a fresh way forward. An alignment. That alignment includes a collaboration with business development innovators and mentors, The Kinship. Through this professional alignment, we’re creating a balance between the production-ethos that has come to define most farms, and the intuitive, holistic, mindful approach to business that The Kinship brings to the table. It’s this innovative balance that we want to share through our new Apprenticeship program.

What is an apprenticeship?

What is an apprenticeship?

From mid-March through mid-December, Monday through Saturday, we are looking for creators to join us at the farm; to live, work, and innovate a new way forward with us. We are inviting those who are seeking a profound shift through action and education. Those who possess solid skill-sets, but are looking to grow, expand upon, and level up by engaging in new areas of expertise on both the land and in the professional world. We want the builders – those who hold a firm vision of what they want and possess the creative will to make their visions tangible in the physical world. We will seek to challenge and elevate participants by creating a completely unique paradigm to learn within; by combining immersion in the day-to-day of farm life, while drawing focus to the marketing, operations, product development, hiring, and employee development necessary to create and sustain alignment. This experience is aimed at presenting participants with opportunities to grow in ways that have previously been unavailable to them. That’s the core of what Petersen Family Farm and The Kinship are striving to do – to reveal strengths, ideas, fluid structures, and new personal and professional horizons. Our goal is not only to inspire positive change, but to create it, right alongside each and every one of those who choose to join us.

Various positions exist, and although we are encouraging people to apply for the one that most closely mirrors their existing skill-sets, know that the opportunity to change lanes and work cross-departments is also an integral part of this experience.

Read below for the current openings.

Current Apprenticeships

For this position, we’re looking for people who currently have retail experience and are looking to take it to the next level; this could look like opening their own store, or wanting to begin exploring the wholesaling side of business. These people relish the pace, the interaction, and the energy found on the sales floor. They thrive on the satisfaction of helping customers find the perfect products to fit their needs, and the excitement and gratification of closing the transaction.

A perpetual student, those seeking Education positions have a thirst for ongoing knowledge, and sharing that knowledge with their community. They’re door-openers, offering expansion through workshops, clinics, or tailored experiences. These people deeply value ongoing, long-term education, and seeks to find ways to share that with all ages, ensuring accessibility and inclusion for all.

Business Management:
This individual has a knack for seeing the big picture, while getting into the details. They want to bring things together seamlessly and will work with the team to make sure that everyone is working together to meet common goals. This individual will get the oppro to sit in on financial meetings, work to optimize business operations, and learn about seasonality. This person probably has some management experience, has experience with computers, and feels comfortable working with numbers.

Buying/Merchandising/Visual Display:
Careful curation – an eye for visual display. These are qualities inherent in these applicants, along with a background in buying and merchandising. This position requires creative flexibility – an openness – when it comes to truly listening to and interpreting a customer’s vision, ensuring visuals that match their passions. This is a builder position; creating physical manifestations out of professional dreams.

A truly dynamic position, applicants have experience working on a farm or ranch and want to delve further into this world, possibly through personal acquisition. Getting their hands dirty is what gets them out of bed every morning, as well as the drive to learn more about growing, water, irrigation and machinery. Beyond this, they’re open to the bigger picture of farm ownership and operation; from retail, to education, to design, staff management, system structure and flow. They’re willing to dig into all the working pieces and innovate fresh ways forward.

Animal Partnership/Husbandry:
Respect, partnership. This position requires a person with perspective; one that sees animals as beautiful, intelligent beings who are meant to be honored, learned from, and walked aside. Applicants for this role see animals as integral and essential not just to work and production, but to life, and our experience here. This person has previous experience working with animals, and wants to deepen their connection and abilities to create healthier spaces for their counterparts to exist and thrive by way of managing care, community partnership, and respectful husbandry.

Systems, structure, and the details that tie it all together – applicants for this role have a passion for organization, analysis, and mapping out technological solutions. They possess the ability to express complex ideas and concepts in a clear, simplified and accessible way that groups can easily absorb and implement. Although these people thrive on the importance of structure, they also understand the equal role of fluidity; of intentionally planning systems that provide space for creative thought and vision, ensuring an environment in which individuals truly feel their voice and vision not matter only, but have room for expression.

Apply now

Apply now

Our vision for this program is an experience that grounds us into the regenerative energies of the land, while creating a foundation from which to imagine new ways of living in alignment with both nature and our professional endeavors. By blending elements of instinct and intuition into our business models, we are looking to forge a more intentional way forward, infusing mindfulness, presence, focus, and clear purpose into not only the way we do business, but ultimately, the lives we want to lead.

Pay is hourly, based upon experience with apprenticeships including room to live on the farm.

To apply, email jen@thekinlands.com with your resume, cover letter and your answers to the following three questions:

1. Tell us a little bit about a dynamic POV you have that you can bring to our team that is specific to you? 

2. What about the Apprenticeship positions offered resonates with you the most?

3. Share with us three things you are interested in that you are hoping to gain from working with us?

Indicate the apprenticeship you are applying for in the email body text and subject line. We can’t wait to meet you and get a sense of your vision.

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