Crowley: Driftwood + Creeping Sage Candle

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Embark on an olfactory journey to mystical coastal woods with our Crowley candle. A harmonious dance of driftwood carried by waves and the verdant whisper of creeping sage creates an aroma both wild and refined, evoking memories of uncharted coastal paths and enchanted forests.

The Scent: Drenched in maritime mysteries, the woody embrace of driftwood blends seamlessly with the earthy allure of creeping sage. Each whiff tells tales of ancient woods by the sea, intertwined with the herbal wisdom of sage.

The Details:

  • 9.5 oz
  • Made from a luxe blend of coconut and apricot waxes, ensuring a consistent and clean burn throughout its life.
  • Non-toxic ingredients only, no phthalates, parabens, and sulfates
  • A lead-free wooden wick not only complements our coconut apricot wax blend but also mimics the comforting crackle of a fireplace.
  • Our fragrance palette is carefully curated using only the highest quality essences and oils sourced from top industry artisans.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Each Crowley candle is poured with love and precision in controlled batches, ensuring consistency and quality.

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