Seasonal Living in Summer Workshop

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August 13, 2022 at 4:00 PM

Following the cycles of nature rekindles a deep connection with the natural world and establishes understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings.

It's a process of spending time in nature throughout all seasons to tune into the details and learn from nature. Connecting to nature helps us notice the small changes in animate and inanimate beings through the seasons. Overtime we remember the nature-language we've forgotten through our modern and rushed lives.

This journey of rewilding reminds us who we are as natural, wild beings, and helps us connect in more meaningful ways to ourselves, our community, the earth and the cosmos. Ultimately, we remember that we are nature, not visitors. 

This workshop provides you with a foundation to rewild yourself through aligning with the cycles of the seasons. Workshop presenter, Brianne Dela Cruz of Gather & Grow will lead you in discovering the energies of the seasonal cycles, and she'll outline the seasonal transition days to engage in celebratory ritual as you move through the year so you can connect deeper with the natural world. Over the course of 1 hour,  you'll walk the land together as Brianne shares this information, then the workshop will end with a land experience where you'll connect with the  goats and horses, touch their woolly coats, and feel the crisp air. You'll energetically connect by grooming them, walking with them, and learning more about them.

Meet your Instructor:
Brianne Dela Cruz is a master gardener, wild forager, campfire foodie, and acclaimed writer and photographer. From her home in Sandy, she teaches online gardening and foraging courses for modern folks and budding naturalists as well as hosts seasonal community gatherings. Brianne's blog and online school, Gather & Grow, is a community of folks exploring the intersection between nature and personal growth by discovering ways to slow down and nourish themselves with nature.  In her spare time, you can find her adventuring in wild landscapes across the west with her husband, or rewilding her Sandy, Utah homestead into a landscape that nourishes body and soul.

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