Sound-Weaving Concert

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Tuesday, December 14, 2021 at 6:30 PM
Thursday, December 16, 2021 at 6:30 PM

Join us for a Candlelight Sound Weaving Experience with Rebecca Holt as we invite in the sacredness of the Winter Season where we are drawn more deeply inward to the spiritual (or soul) connection that grounds and sustains us. This will be an experience of tuning into and receiving the gifts of heart light, hope and the warmth of the Winter Season while being enveloped in the blissful waves of crystal singing bowls and sacred chants as we gather with dear ones in the nourishing hearth of winter. 

A sound bath is an immersive, awakening, sensory experience, giving the opportunity to turn off the chatter of the mind, open the heart and calm the spirit. A moment in time for participants to be enveloped in a wave of therapeutic tones; a session to release, reset, and renew. Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls produce resonating tones that are heard by the ear and felt in the body with specific tones supporting the energy centers (chakras) in the body for balancing and meditation. 

Rebecca, with her intuitive gifts and extensive training, brings together sound healing meditation, energy attunement, and breathing practices to support people in awakening and aligning their own true essence and natural rhythm, allowing more creative insight, presence, and awareness in the body. 


What to Expect: 

  • Learn about sound vibration: a conduit for overall well-being and sacred space, and honoring self-care and gratitude during the season of giving.
  • 30 minute crystal singing bowl experience (meditation)
*No refunds on events
**Concert will take place in our semi-outdoor greenhouse space. It will be heated, but bring a jacket just in case. 

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