Winter Spiral Experience

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Are you looking for fresh inspiration this holiday season?  Do you long for the days as a child when magic was made for you, when it came to you as you basked in wonder? Join us this winter holiday season for a unique activity designed and intended as a collaboration with nature and the season to inspire and refresh all ages, all traditions, and all spirits. Embrace and honor the season in a new, yet familiar way. 

At the Kinlands, we have brought together the timeless resources of land, space, nature and people, and have created for you a Journey of Light.  This is an activity inspired by the magical memories and feelings of the holiday season. This is a time of reflection, of dark lengthening nights, enchanted forests, falling snow, and the contrast of sparkling light against darkness. It brings us closer to the comforting warmth of friendly bodies, crackling fires against the nipping cold.  Intrigued?

As with all we do here, we have planned according to our rule of 50/50.  Here is the 50% you can count on, the rest is left open to be filled by memory, by the season, by the land, by your magic.  

  • Gather near the fire in front of the market, take in the anticipation of the season. 
  • Nestle into a festive wagon.  Bundle up, and snuggle in with those you love and listen to Winter as you move over the land. 
  • Journey from the wagon through the woodland of trees taking in the enchantment of the dim-lit forest.
  • Duck under the thicket and spring into a clearing. 
  • Meet the wise guide to light and receive a candle. 
  • Walk the spiral pathway of Winter through the darkness, guided by your candle and the starry night. 
  • Arrive and gather with those you love at the glowing center of a Kinland winter.
  • Contemplate your inner light as you return to the woodland and warm yourself in the Market.

The details

  • 30 minute guided experience great for all ages including a wagon ride and a spiral walk
  • An intention candle
  • Your experience will begin promptly at your chosen time, so please arrive at least ten minutes early so you can wander through the tree woodland, zip up all the coats, and be ready to board the wagon on time. This experience is all outdoors, so make sure to bring appropriate shoes, your warmest coat, some gloves, and a stocking cap. 

*No fee for children under 2.

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