The Shoppe

open monday-saturday 9 AM-8 PM, sunday 11 AM-7 PM
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A timeless retreat

House Kinlands Big House is available to book now
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Seasonal Living Workshops

Invite your inner wild to feel the textures and breathe the scents of the season.

garden house private events

gather with a close group for a private workshop
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in the season of late spring

in the season of late spring

From snap peas to horses striding through a newly green pasture, we invite you to experience the joys of spring at The Kinlands.

Old World Shoppe

Old World Shoppe

An array of offerings infused with the magic of the land: fresh bread, honorably harvested produce, and heirloom-quality home goods. From botanical bath soaks to stone-washed linens, our rustic yet refined collection lets you bring the textures, scents, and colors of The Kinlands home with you. Each item we pick — from the well-tended beds of Earth or from the workbenches and counters of artisans — is a work of heart and hand.

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