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A respite tucked into the suburban landscape of Riverton, Utah, The Kinlands is a place to walk a little slower, inhale the scents of the season, and remember your inner wild.

You might know us as a heart-centered spot to buy regional fresh foods and the best pastries for miles. We love that. But The Kinlands is also a place where the simple beauty of life will reveal itself to you — if you let it. We hope you’ll come to witness the rhythms here in every season, whether there’s grass beneath your feet or snow beneath your boots.

Discovering the way as we go, we’re letting the land lead in all that we do. In this way of thinking, the Earth is both teacher and co-conspirator in a shift of consciousness toward wonder, abundance, and reciprocity. When you stop in for a workshop or land experience, or to buy fresh food, gemstones, or an elixir, you become part of this relationship. You’re returning a gift to the land and weaving a future in which our material needs are met reverently, without sacrificing the needs of the Earth or our spirits.

Jen Winter

Meet Jen, the co-owner and Creative Director of The Kinlands, whose journey is as expansive and enriching as the experiences she brings to this enchanting space. Jen possesses the unique blend of a master curator’s discerning eye and an adventurer’s spirit, infusing a touch of magic and a wealth of wisdom into the very fabric of The Kinlands.

Her diverse career path has seen her excel in an array of roles across various industries, including restaurant and event management, fashion and merchandising, textile design, small business consulting, entrepreneurship, and the film industry. This vast array of experiences has not only shaped her multifaceted expertise, but has also imbued her with a deep understanding of design, merchandising, and the timeless principles of intuition. Each facet of her career has been a pathway, leading her to her current role, where she ensures that every element of The Kinlands resonates with beauty, harmony, and purpose. Jen’s signet is a testament to the idea that everything we do leads us to where we are meant to be, and at The Kinlands, she’s exactly where she wants to be.

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Luke Petersen

Meet Luke, the co-owner of The Kinlands, whose life's work is to weave philosophy into the very fabric of this space, transforming it into a sanctuary where the Language of Life resonates with all who visit. Born and raised on the grounds of The Kinlands, Luke's deep-rooted connection to this place has guided its many evolutions, each one a step towards a vision where nature and knowledge converge.

With hands often found in the soil or crafting in the Shoppe, Luke embodies the spirit of The Kinlands, infusing every corner with a sense of purpose and place. Whether he's exploring the cosmic dance of the universe or reviving the ancient art of Italian plaster, his actions are a testament to a life intertwined with the earth's rhythms. Luke's journey at The Kinlands is a constant exploration of growth, strength, and the profound teachings available to us through the natural world, making every visit a chance to connect, learn, and be inspired by the earth's enduring wisdom.

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The Kinlands Garden House Event Rentals

Have you met our sister? Her name is House Kinlands.

Book the Big House

In the heart of some of the richest land in the world lies a hundred year old four-bedroom country home tucked in along a sleepy country lane, surrounded by 40 acres of our private land bursting with plants, animals, birds and life.


An Introduction

Following our hearts to Washington’s magical Skagit Valley, an opportunity opened to create a home stay at House Kinlands.

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Our one bedroom cottage is surrounded by nature inside and out. We’ve intentionally brought the wild inside, stripping the years of wallpaper, paint and separation away and focusing on the natural elements, history, and character.