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We believe there are ways to live and harvest that benefit both humankind and the Earth. Through careful observation and a willingness to be led by the land, The Kinlands team is rediscovering those ways. Our minds are ever curious and open, our hearts grounded in the soul of this place. We find satisfaction in the work that keeps us close to the simple beauty of life.

We’re in search of kindred spirits who revere the Earth as teacher and are excited to extend its lessons to our visitors — to build the bones of an enchanting experience in which people of every age can learn from the natural world directly. Each person on our team is an essential partner in creating The Kinlands, remembering and sharing humankind’s collective belonging to Earth as we bloom, grow, harvest, and rest with the seasons.

The work itself is both challenging and fulfilling. You must be open minded, flexible, tough, motivated, and able to solve problems quickly (and at times creatively). Your heart must be fully invested in discovering what the Earth is asking from us at this time. 

Because we are led by the land, your work here is unlikely to involve prescribed systems like growing certified-organic produce or homesteading. Our training is about remembering and practicing the forgotten language of life and spirit. In that sense, you’ll certainly experience growth and will likely come away with a clearer view of what it means to live in connection with the land.

We offer a very competitive compensation package as we have a deep interest in long-term teammates who are looking to expand and explore this world together. For the right person, this is the rare career position that can fulfill the heart and support you in abundance.

Retail Sales Team Member

Greet and assist visitors in our shoppe, acting as a knowledgeable guide if needed. This is a long-term position for someone with a strong retail background who is enamored with our showroom and inspired by our vision of reciprocity with the land. Our ideal candidate is friendly and helpful, thinks resourcefully, thrives in a fast-paced setting that changes with the season, and wants to be part of The Kinlands team well into the future.

Required Experience and Abilities:

- Experience in retail and building relationships with guests
- Positive and flexible energy, ability to solve problems creatively
- Desire to be a part of our vision
- Serious about your love of nature
- Willingness to work with and around animals
- Physical ability to lift and move 50 pounds and stand for extended periods of time
- Reliable transportation to drive here

Part and full time availability. Must be 18 to apply. Send resume to

Fine Artists

Sculptors, florists, paper-cut artists, carpenters, painters, or any fine artist composing large-scale installations: What enchanting, nature-infused vision does our old-world Shoppe inspire in you?

From the immense and ever-changing weavings of branches and blooms that greet visitors at the door to the rustic-yet-refined displays within, we work to craft a spellbinding and immersive experience at The Kinlands Shoppe. We’re now cultivating a network of imaginative, adept professionals who can help envision and execute these large-scale, season-specific installations on a per-project basis.

This work requires both innovative thinking and the skill to bring entirely new visions to life. We seek sweeping, awe-inspiring scenes that express the season and twine themselves throughout the space. Often, we draw inspiration from the immaterial world of sounds, scents, and feelings.  A song that lights your heart with the energy of spring’s renewal may become ten thousand blossoms bursting across the ceiling and onto the front porch; the scent of balsam fir may inspire a scene of winter’s woodland creatures, meticulously cut from paper. A sense of scale and imagination are key to conceiving and finishing these colossal art pieces, no matter the medium.

Our emphasis on fine arts is meant to include the visual arts, with a focus on aesthetic value and beauty. As a fine arts contractor, you will not be an employee of The Kinlands but will bid for project contracts. You must have a developed skill set and examples of work to share with us. 

Required experience and abilities:

  • Portfolio
  • Three years of experience
  • Your own tools
  • Provide a 1099 (tax form for independent contractors)
  • Have a workers' compensation exemption form
  • Source your own supplies matching our criteria
  • Be able to accept NET 15 terms

Pitch us an idea for a display or installation in next season’s Shoppe. This could be a majestic weaving of in-season blooms, an ethereal mural, intricate paper cutouts of the season’s wild things, or another idea that highlights your artistic talent and aligns with The Kinlands ethos. Spark our sense of wonder! If needed, travel and accommodations can be negotiated in individual contracts.

Must be 18 to apply. Send portfolio and fine arts pitch to

House Sitter

With the addition of House Kinlands in Bow, Washington, travel has become even more a part of our lives and inspiration. But even when the humans are away, the home on the property of The Kinlands is residence to our beloved pets: Molly, our 16-year old cat who loves to be made into fresh beds and will talk your ear off, Hazel, our sassy dog who climbs into even the most precarious positions to get comfy, Hera, who doesn’t let her size get in the way of being the most huggable lap dog, and Tilly, our outdoors-loving dog that will never fail to give you a welcome greeting. We are looking for an animal-loving, responsible individual who can stay at our home with our three dogs, and one cat while we are traveling. 

Required Experience and Responsibilities: 

  • Stay at home with three dogs and one cat 
  • Administer medication
  • General feedings
  • Walks and loving interaction
  • Overnight stays are preferred but not required as long as schedule is open for frequent visits
  • Bring in packages
  • Check mail
  • Take out trash
  • Respond to owner interactions pertaining to health of pets and home
  • Availability 1-2 weeks a month.

Must be 21 to apply. Send resume with references and pricing to


We’re always on the lookout for makers and growers who share a deep kinship with nature and whose heirloom-quality goods inspire others to bring the outside in. 

For rustic home goods, we’re looking for artisan makers who honor the Earth with their products — recognizing the reciprocity in a cutting board made from a lightning-struck oak, a market tote made from upcycled leather, or handcrafted soaps made with homegrown herbs. We carry high-quality, lovingly made items made of natural or traditional materials. 

Produce and other foods don’t have to be certified organic, but must be grown regionally and in a way that honors the health of the land and the people who will nourish their bodies with this food. 

We’re looking for long-term relationships with like-minded makers, not occasional or strictly seasonal items. We require wholesale volumes, realistic pricing, and polished branding. 

For consideration, email with your website, social media handle, photos of your products, pricing, and your phone number.

Pastry Collaborator

We're looking for a pastry chef who makes seasonal, expertly-crafted baked goods. This person or company must at least have a cottage kitchen license and offer a wide variety of wholesale pastries, including croissants, cookies, danishes, and more — surprise us!

This will be a vendor collaboration with wholesale pricing, starting immediately. In reviewing candidates, branding, packaging, delivery capabilities and variety will all be a part of the consideration.

To apply, email your menu, pricing, and images of past pastries to

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