Sounds of the Season

What does this season sound like to you?

The seasons insist on every sense activating to fully experience the subtle shifts of nature. As our clothes shift from sandals and shorts to sweaters and boots, the scents of our candles change to sandalwood and smoke. Our tastes change. Gone are the watery melons and crisp salads and in are the warmer soups and fresh-baked bread.

What we hear is different too, albeit less acknowledged. The leaves rustle on the trees and the darkness creeps in with a quiet that our bodies crave after the long days of summer.

These playlists are a way for us to move with the seasons personally. Continually inspired by conversations, travels, books we're reading, podcasts we're listening to, shows we're watching, and feelings we're feeling, we search out songs to capture the story.

Played on high as we make dinner, process payroll, place orders, and dance in our living rooms, the music is the playlist to our life. A way for us to acknowledge these shifts as a team, the seasons of our lives, and the sense of home that is only felt when we listen.

You hear it too. Highly requested, we shared the playlist links with a few and then many, slowly recognizing that the sounds of the seasons bind us together. An invisible energy, awakening our senses.

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