The Kinlands Landmark Candle

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Transport yourself to the enchanting embrace of The Kinlands in Riverton, Utah, where the line between wild nature and a welcoming community blurs beautifully. This candle encapsulates the heart and spirit of a land that has witnessed countless gatherings, hearty laughs, and peaceful reflections beneath its sprawling skies.

The Scent: A harmonious blend of pine needle, moss, delicate violet, and a breath of fresh air, this scent tells a story of verdant woods, open meadows, and the undeniable feeling of being part of something bigger.

The Details:

  • Packaged in an approx. 8 oz container with a burn time of 45+ hours.
  • Crafted with the utmost care to carry the pure essence of The Kinlands' atmospheric beauty.
  • Ignite to journey to a place where memories are crafted, nature thrives, and community flourishes.
  • A perfect ode to moments spent at The Kinlands, or a beckoning invitation for those yet to explore its wonders.

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